Say goodbye to your child’s tongue-tie.

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With professional expertise and an extremely precise laser, this procedure is very low-risk.


The release is fast, efficient, and can often be performed on the same day as the initial consultation.


Most cases don’t require sedation, so babies can nurse directly following the release, and children can play.

Seeing your child struggle is agonizing.

Whether you have a newborn unable to eat until satisfied or a toddler having a hard time talking, watching a little one struggle and not knowing how to fix it is terrible.

Oral restrictions can be the culprit of many problems relating to breastfeeding, eating, speaking, sleeping, and even abnormal facial growth. But, there’s good news! Through a simple but highly precise procedure called laser frenectomy, we can release tongue-, lip-, and buccal-ties.

With the restriction out of the way, children often nurse, talk, and chew with greater ease, moms are more likely to breastfeed comfortably, and everyone has a better chance of enjoying the precious days of childhood!

Get rid of that pesky string for good.

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We'll release oral restrictions.

The quick, painless procedure can usually be completed at the same time as the initial consultation, if desired.

Continued follow-up care by other medical professionals can be key to the overall success of our procedure. We’ll make recommendations for the proper specialists, often including lactation consultants, speech therapists, myofunctional therapists, or chiropractors.

A lifetime of relief is possible.

The benefits of easier eating, talking, or sleeping can be tremendous for your child — and for you.

Dr. Black is passionate about helping children thrive.

Having served children and families for years in his dental practice, Children’s Dental, Dr. Kevin Black has developed a passion for treating oral restrictions. He is driven by the fact that these limitations are often overlooked in the medical/dental community and that, when resolved, kids can show major improvement!

Since difficulty nursing is the most common and easily recognizable symptom of tongue- and lip-ties in infants, Dr. Black is also trained as a Certified Breastfeeding Specialist.

Dr. Black has served as a dental officer in the army since 2009, served in Kuwait and Afghanistan deployments, and is an active member of the U.S Army Reserve.

Diplomate, American Board of Laser Surgery

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Better is possible.

With Oral Restrictions Out of the Way, Eating, Sleeping, and Speaking Can Improve Dramatically.

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